First Night Out in Tofo Beach :)

It’s night-time. Who sleeps on vacation? Some of you, do. Well, I don’t. It’s 7 pm we’re all dressed up for dinner. There were many restaurants to choose from but I was not hungry as the first thing I did when I smelt food was to order chicken and chips as there was no fish.  I need to tell you about this. So we went to one of the restaurants and it was full, there were no tables available. So we stood there like idiots. Then one of the girls ask the two men sitting next to the exit if we could just sit while waiting for a table. They both agreed, of course, they agreed. Why wouldn’t they? We introduced ourselves and they did the same. From talking about origin to how can a person travel for 8 months in a year. How does he generate money? One of the girls said you must be rich and the awkward laugh came gushing out from all of us. We then slowly stood up, one by one grumbling that we would sit the whole night waiting for a table. But we just had to leave that environment.

Anyway, we went to a lovely restaurant I ordered my favourite beer, Heineken and guess what they didn’t have it so my only option was Doshem, which is good by the way. The ladies were hungry so they ordered pizza. The menu had a Beach boy pizza, wish I had tried it, might order it next time I’m in Mozambique. It’s a music affair, I can hear some of the South African music. I felt at home. It’s an arts building in front of the restaurant. We went there for a fashion show. We thought why not go and mingle with the locals and fun backpackers. We danced the night away.

I was introduced to a Mozambican guy who lives in Australia, he was very sweet. He promised to take me Kayaking as I wanted to do as many activities in the short space of time I was there. Great. I saw South Africans showing off their talents. It was a great first night. -Nomadic Nomzeth