3 Things To Take With When You’re Solo Traveler.

Solo traveling is not for everyone but traveling is the best thing ever. For me, solo traveling is better as I had the opportunity to do what enriches my soul and heart. Most importantly I did it when I wanted to. If you decide to go on an Ocean Safari at 7 am, you don’t have to worry about waking your friends and making sure they’re ready so you don’t become late.

It can be hard as you need to grow and learn to mingle with other people. Day trip, you are alone. You will definitely learn to open that mouth and make friends in your stay.

I’m planning my next trip as a Solo Traveler as well. So here are the following things you need to remember when preparing/packing for your trip:

1. Copies of Your Travel/Identity Documents

Imagine being stranded and you don’t have anything to provide as proof. #Jailbird. I got into trouble for not carrying any of my documents. The Police Officer asked for my ID or Passport and I said it’s in my room. Never will I forgot, nor should you.

The least you can do is make copies of every document you’re taking with you, your driver’s license/ID, passport, visa, travel insurance, credit cards, plane tickets, hotel reservations and anything else you may be bringing with you.

2. Power Bank

A power bank will definitely help when you’re in transit, traveling around. The worst that could happen is a dead phone and you are 3 hours away from your hotel/hostel. Happened to my iPhone but at least I had a backup phone. The reason for that inconvenience was because I didn’t recharge the power bank. Silly me!

3. A Book

If you travel with your laptop, great. But you can sit at the bus station or beach with your laptop now, can you? So a book is the best you will ever do for yourself. Actually not just one book, several. You are traveling solo so you will have a bit of time on your hands. You took public transport or you’re on a plane to your destination. A book will make your life perfect. All your electronic are super charged for the important moments and you just reading your favourite book. – Nomadic Nomzeth